Carnelian Unicorn


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The Carnelian Unicorn is one with which I took a little more artistic liberty. I have a lovely carnelian heart that I kept with me while I was painting, and I just wanted to paint what I was dreaming of: a beautiful unicorn, with a crown of crystals, and flowers somewhere. It has been sunny and gorgeous out, and I think I’m just operating on those vibes now. The world is indeed burning down around me and I’m lucky to make art everyday. I know unicorns aren’t the answer to society’s problems, but I hope they bring the relief of imagination for a moment.

All Crystal Unicorn paintings are 9×12″, painted to last with lightfast watercolor, gouache, and ink on archival paper. Paints and mediums used in collection include Kuretake Gansai Tambi, Daniel Smith, Winsor and Newton, and Prima. The linework is brushed on with Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bombay India Ink. The paper used is 140-lb Arches Hot Press watercolor paper. They are packaged in a bag-and-board situation (think how comic books are stored), and shipped in a cardboard envelope for added protection. All Crystal Unicorns come with a certificate of authenticity.